Manufacture: Al-Mahmud, ChP, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Al-Mahmud, ChP
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Manufacture Al-Mahmud, ChP

All works at plant are performed according to requirements sanitary and epidemiologic services, fire inspection, security service of work, ecological service, and also all other accompanying inspections and supervisory authorities.

The line of processing of a nut carries out the following operations:

  • cleaning of a nut of impurity, dust, parasites etc.;
  • split of a nut;
  • calibration of kernels of a nut according to the order of the client (a half, a quarter, an eighth of a pound etc.)
  • division of kernels of a nut according to color scale upon the demand of the client;
  • manual sorting of a nut according to calibers (halves, quarters, eighths of a pound) is carried out for evident control after passing by an equipment kernel on calibration and separation (a stage of inspection);
  • packing of production in cardboard a box.


manufacture Al-Mahmud, ChP Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine